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For prospective Hult students – please contact your enrollment team for information on how to reserve a room.

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2016/17 booking are now open. Limited availability.

Booking your student accommodation London online for Hult Tower & Studios is quick and simple. A Booking Fee of £350 is required to instantly reserve your room or bed. This Booking Fee is non-refundable.

At the beginning of your tenancy it will convert to become part of a one-month Security Deposit that is refundable, minus any reasonable costs accrued during the period of your license.

A License To Occupy for the room will be sent to you for signing shortly after receipt of your Booking Fee.
Licence fees for Hult Tower & Studios are to be paid for the duration of stay upfront and prior to arrival. Upon receipt of a signed License for the accommodation a 7-day invoice will be issued with payment instruction.
To make an inquiry or contact our London student accommodation team directly, please email


Prospective or returning Hult students – Important note
If you are a prospective Hult student please contact your enrollment team to find out more information about 2016/17 options.
If you are a returning Hult student please contact the housing team on

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